Monday, December 29, 2008

The Oral Surgeon

Linda and I drove down to exit 7 and saw an oral surgeon. He said that to do an apectomy on a failed root canal was not very smart. I wonder why my dentist and my orthodontist recomended it??? I am pretty they both are quite smart. Any way, next Monday the oral surgeon is going to pull the bad root canal tooth and put in a dental implant. Want to know how much I have invested in trying to save this freeking tooth, so far??? You don't want to know! While there, since I will be knocked out, he will also do the prep work for another implant on the other side of my mouth at the same time. This so sucks!!!

We also went by the Honda dealership ans looked at the Honda 2000 sports car. It is really cool and I would love to have one but they had no new ones and wern't sure about locating another. I had seen a black one in their show room in the last few weeks and was so sure it would still be there. It wasn't. They have a couple of used ones but I really do not want to buy a used car.

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