Saturday, January 17, 2009


It has started snowing and the temperature is down at 28 degrees. I have moved the Jeep around to the other side of the creek and we will be able to go to church if we decide to in the morning.

The chickens are doing quite well in all this very cold weather but require a lot more attention than when it is warmer. Their water keeps freezing and I have to go down several times a day to keep them in fresh water. They are not laying very many eggs because of the temperature but that should change with warmer weather.

Van and Diane came down last night for drinks and it was fun to see them. J.D. chased me up to their house on Thursday night and stayed with me until I had consumed a Glass of wine. Linda was at a gathering of teachers from her school, Oakland.

I ran into Dave at the mailbox and he was on his way down to Hobard's to retrieve his tree stand from the woods. He stopped by the house and we had a nice visit. Mostly we talked about computers and all that sort of thing. I made him a cup of hot chocolate.

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