Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Dentist!

This morning I drove to a new dentist's office in another town hoping to find a person who charged a more reasonable rate for practicing dentistry than my usual one. When I drove up and parked I thought perhaps I was at the wrong address because I was the only person there, no other cars but I went in anyway. After filling out a strangely short health form I was unceremoniously ushered into his office that looked as though is had been furnished with a dentist chair and accoutrement's from a yard sale. Every thing looked "very" used. The dentist came in and was at least my age(old) and very nervous. I never remember seeing anyone so thin and he was at least 6 foot 4 inches tall. His hair was very long and unkempt, dyed a curious color of brown. It curled and waved in a most outrageous way and stuck up in unexpected places. His spectacles were as thick as a magnifying Glasses and he seemed to be having a terrible time just keeping them on his face and seeing. He blinked and pulled constantly on the frames.

I began to get very concerned!

The dental assistants seemed at a total loss as to what their function was in being there. The only requirement for the job apparently was to have blond hair. My apprehension mounted as he got a dental tool from the shelf and began to poke and prod about in my mouth. He ran it from one side to the other never seeming aware that the tooth I was there for was totally ignored. He said that the teeth I had left looked pretty good but I needed one filling. I reluctantly agreed. As he prepared to work on it I began to feel as though I was in a Saturday Night Live skit! Not a fun thought when it is a dentist's office on SNL! Or, could this really be a horror movie some how! Help me!

I survived the experience of the strange Dentist's office but you can rest assured that I will never darken the door of that man's office again. There is still one big question that haunts me.....could that man really have been a dentist?

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