Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday to Gainesville.

The trip to Gainesville went well and the doctor said Linda's eye was doing very good, better than expected even. On the way home we stopped by the outlet mall in Dawsonville and walked around there to kill a little more time. All in all it was a nice, uneventful day.

When I got home Dave came by and really enjoyed seeing the chickens loose in the garden. They will be turned loose every morning till the garden starts being turned back into a growing place for plants, at night I close them back up to keep the foxes, Bobcats and other carnivorous beasts at bay. Hopefully???. Right now the garden is a foraging place for the chickens.

The dogs, Jesse, Moose and J.D. are all doing well even though Moose still runs away down to Hobard's house where I then have to go get him and make him come home most every day. Some times it is two or three times a day. The record is four times. I guess he just has that wild ass, back woods, dirt road mountain dog thing too thick in his blood. All three of them circle the garden when the chickens are out lookoing at them as though they would make a great snack if there were only some was for the dogs to figure a way to get through the fencing. So far, so good.

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