Monday, February 2, 2009

Two shots in the backside! Yipes!!!

This morning I got up feeling like crap, sore throat, achy ear and runny nose and decided to go in the doctor's and see what they thought. I saw a Nurse Practitioner and she was great, blond with big beautiful teeth. Told me what she thought and treated me accordingly. She sent in an adorable little blond nurse who was just too cute. She told me to drop my pants and turn, no wait, I think she told me to turn around and then drop my pants! Oh well, you can't have everything. Two shots in the backside one in each cheek. After returning home I was totally exhausted and went in the bedroom and took a big nap. I felt so much better when I woke up. Is it possible that two shots could have acted that quickly? Did I mention that when I got home I realized that she had put Donald Duck band aids on my back-side?

Anyway, This afternoon I have continued to feel OK but now as the sun goes down I am getting a little more sickly feeling. Tomorrow I hope will be a better day. Wednesday I drive to Dalton to have my root canal finished at the orthodontist. Yet another crappy day. I am hopeful that I am much better by Wednesday!

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