Sunday, March 1, 2009

Night fall


The sun is down and the chickens have been secured in their pen, six eggs today. Moose, J.D. and Jesse are asleep on the studio deck under their heat lamps. The cats, Frida and Winslow are curled up in some warm, small place in the house and do not want to be disturbed till daylight.

The snow was very light and so quiet, it stuck in the trees and on the steps but none lasted on the ground. We heard from Van and he said that is was very heavy down in Clayton county. It's the whitest Clayton County has been in over 10 years. Bric said there was still a lot over in Birmingham as well.

Peyton came out for the weekend and we had a really nice time with him. We didn't do much today but it was quite pleasant doing nothing. Linda and I did watch a movie called "The Band's Visit". It was an Egyptian movie, in which nothing much happened, at all. I am not sorry I watched because it was interesting in very small ways.

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