Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rain today

The rain has been coming down pretty much all day. There are no complaints from me, after all the 'no rain' days of the past few years. It is so nice to look out the front door and see the waterfall flowing with such force and with so much water involved. This place has always had a close association with water for me. It used to rain so much up here that plenty of weekends when we came up we couldn't even get out of the house. The fog would be so thick that we could not even see the creek from our porch. Almost every afternoon a rain cloud would come over the mountain and a shower would ensue. When it is not that way up here it bothers me a lot.

The creek is absolutely full of water right now and the rain pushes it ever closer to overwhelming the banks. Usually it is no problem because of the rapidity with which the water rushes away, down the mountain towards Tennessee. Sometimes however it fills up and fans out into the grassy pasture that now belongs to the Joule's. It once frightened me a lot because I was afraid it might take our bridge away with it. Only one time in the last thirty six years, that I know of did the water get up over the bridge and that was when we had the old swinging bridge. The 'new' bridge is a lot higher above the water and I doubt it would ever high enough to take it out. However that's what a lot of bridge builders have thought in the past and when they come back up after a big rain, their bridge is gone.

Moose made his escape early this morning and went down to Hobard's. When Linda went in to town she saw him down there but he didn't see her and consequently didn't chase her up to the paved part of the road and further into town. On her way back home Moose saw her and chased her all the way home. The rain has been so continuous this afternoon that he has spent most of the time asleep at my feet in front of the fireplace. We watched an interesting foreign movie called, 'The Year My Parents Went On Vacation'. I put Moose out a little while ago and he has been laying out side my studio door whining to get back in.

At six o'clock we are going up to Dave's and Lynn's for a St. Patrick's day dinner.

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