Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday, Sunday...

Today I worked down in the garden most of the afternoon. I planted the Beets, the Parsley, the Carrots, the Morning Glory and the Nasturtiums. When Linda and I got back from our walk we went down to the garden so I could show her what I had done. The chickens had pretty much destroyed the rows and probably eaten most of the seeds I had planted. I didn't think they would bother them since it was so late in the day....wrong! I should have known better because when I am down in the garden they follow me around watching everything I do. If I dig a hole, when I look up there are six chickens standing around, peering down into it. No kidding! The time has come to lock them back up in the pen, I guess. I hate to do it because that means I have to start doing my own weeding.

Oh well, Good things never last long.

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