Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The sun shows through....briefly.

This Thursday has been a rainy one and here at 3:35 the sun shows through the heavily overcast sky. No complaints, I love the rain. Linda is at work, or probably on her way home from school at this point. J.D. and Jesse are out on the sun-room porch snoozing and Moose is under my feet as I type away on this blogspot entry.

I went over to Hayesville and met Peyton for dinner as I usually do. He had a late afternoon appointment with the trainer at the gym he joined in Murphy and was late meeting me. It gave me time to go by a green house on 515 and pick up a few vegetable and garden plants. He seems to like his gym pretty good. I figure there must be enough attractive women there to keep him interested in going. I hope so.

All this rain has been a good thing, as it has gotten me motivated to start on my latest painting from our European travels. I don't like to work from Photos but there is little choice with these from Greece.

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