Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today I drove down to Jasper to the urologist to review the results of my blood test from last week. He seemed to think all was well and that I looked good, I assume he meant "for my age..."! Afterwards I came back to Big Creek and spent the rest of the day painting on my recent piece of the St. Nicholas monastery in Meteora Greece and working around the yard and garden until I left at 3:15 or so to go meet Peyton for dinner in Hiawassee. We went back to the same Asian place we ate at last week and had sushi. It was really quite good and we both split a veggie roll, a Spider roll and another one with crab and avocado in it. I forget what the name of it was. We also had the Lettuce rolls that were really good.

Next week we are going to go to the movie and have dinner afterwards.

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