Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The first flat tire.

This morning Linda and I were leaving to drive into town in the Miata to do a little shopping and pick up some groceries when I realized that the light in my dash board indicated that one of my tires was low. It turned out to be the rear driver's side tire and we were fortunately only a hundred yards or so from the house. We just turned around and came back home and changed to Linda's car. The Miata has no spare tire and I have been dreading the first flat. It was not really so bad to change but it would have been a disaster had I been on I-75 going through Atlanta in the middle of the night. It would have been equally horrible if it had happened up here in the night, out on Big Creek Road, since my cell phone doesn't have a signal for the better part of the road. Today is our 37Th wedding anniversary and to celebrate we drove over to Blue Ridge and had a nice lunch at Repaz on Main. It was quite good and at long last beer and wine can be served in the city. About time!

Happy 37th Wedding Anniversary Tommy and Linda!

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