Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Problems in the garden

Over the past week of so I have noticed that the water faucet down in the garden had developed a constant puddle at it's base. It had never done anything like that before so I asked Bobby about it over the phone when I called him. He came down and spent his whole afternoon helping me replace the entire device and it seems, now to be working perfectly again. having the water down there so close to the garden is absolutely wonderful. The creek is only eight or ten feet from it but you have to carry the buckets of water up a small incline and it is pretty rough ground. So, it is much better to have the faucet there available right there where I can hook up the hose and the water and give plenty of H20 to help the plants thrive. Probably I should have a pump put in the creek to help save the well water but our well has always been so reliable. Knock wood!

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