Thursday, July 23, 2009

Boy With Wet Feet

This is a portrait of my Grand son, Brayden. It is painted in oil and is on a 24 by 36 inch canvas. I took a photograph of him in Memphis and thought at the time, that it would make a great painting. There was just something about his face and the position and gesture of his body, that I knew would translate well into a painting. It also says something about just being a little boy. In fact there are photographs of me when I was his age that depict me in almost the same exact position. I guess it has something to do with immortality, life and children in general. Although I am not finished with it at this point, it is at a good stage. Brayden had been wading in the model of the Mississippi River, that is on Mud Island in Memphis along with the rest of the Grand kids, Bric, Janette, Peyton and Karina. That's where the "wet feet" came from. Linda and I just walked along the sides and took photographs of them all playing in the water and having a great time. I should probably mention that the temperature was 102 degrees. I also got a good photo of Bricen and one of Emma and if time and enthusiasm hold out I will paint them too.

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