Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Moons

This is the week that Harry and his family come up to Big Creek for a few days. We are really looking forward to seeing all of them and Zack (Lauren's boy friend) as well. What a fun group of folks. I just hope that the Ground Hog I shot last week does not start to smell bad while they are here. If I hit him or her and if she or he died on the premises. It could really ruin the Moon's trip, in a big way. The chicken coup is bad enough and although I cleaned it out thoroughly, replaced the hay in their run and the chicken house, the odor is still discernible. Now that the chickens are truly "free range" their smell is dispersed over a much wider area and that is so much better. I guess what I am saying is that now instead of just smelling them down by the garden you can now smell them all over the county!

Yesterday Ernest and Patsy called to inform us that the huge Willow tree by our 'drive across' bridge was about to collapse, bringing down the power lines and possibly the bridge as well. We walked over to see and the tree is leaning against a Poplar tree that is much smaller that the Willow and that is all that is holding the Willow up. We moved all the cars around to the other side of the creek just in case it falls before the power company can get here to remove it, supposedly in the morning.

Geezes! It seems as though there is always a problem up here, Ground Hogs,Snakes, Bears, Coyotes and all sorts of other things you just can't believe. I guess it's that every where.

Just so you know however, I wouldn't want to live any other place, no matter how trouble free it might seem and no matter how exotic the location might be!

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