Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another snake bitten dog.

Last night about 8:00 I was sitting out on the sun room steps and heard J.D. shriek over in the woods between the Jone's house and ours. The sound was not like anything I have ever herd her make. She and Moose were over in the deep brush and after she screamed they both came running back to where I was sitting on the steps, when I called them. I at first could not see anything unusual about J.D. Within 15 minutes here face had swollen up to twice its size. Promptly I gave her 4 Benadryl tablets. When Jesse was bitten last year we called the Vet and he said that was the recommended action to take and that we didn't need to bring him in. Even though J.D. is much smaller that Jesse we assumed that was what we should for her as well. She is very swollen this morning and doesn't like to move any more that she has to. Also she will not eat anything and I have offered her a lot of choices. Maybe later.

Last year when Jesse was bitten and we called the vet we asked how we could tell whether it was a Copper head or a Rattle stake. He answered that if it was a Rattle snake the dog would be in convulsions within minutes and would probably be dead before we could even get him into the office, which is down in Jasper for a transfusion, or two. The transfusion according to the vet would cost around 12 to 15 hundred dollars and it might take two!

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