Tuesday, November 17, 2009

another doctor's appointment

Another doctor's appointment this morning for Linda, just routine blood tests. Mine from a few weeks ago came back perfect so we are in a little bit of a competition as to who will have the better results. She will find out about hers next week.

We went by and had a cup of coffee afterwards at Starbuck's and then the obligatory trip to WalMart, of course!

We have been busy getting ready for Emma's birthday on the 21st. Linda got an adorable little doll house on line and it came un-assembled. We spent one day and several arguments putting it together. She should really be tickled with it!

Tonight we finished off the Venison from Dave's hunting trip and if possible it was even better tonight than Monday lunch. With it we had Butter Beans, Broccoli, Focaccia and green Olives. Yummm!

I also managed to decorate one of the small Alberta Spruces by the front entrance. The most trees I have decorated since we have been living up here is eight. Eight was a little optimistic for me to do ever year, so this year I am thinking four, maybe five, counting the two small ones. It is way too early for Christmas decorating, but This year I am starting before the weather gets so cold that I can't stand to be outside. Smart, huh?!

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