Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our weekend with Emma, the top photo is the Geo-thermal cabin we stayed in.

The weekend at Montgomery Bell State Park was great. We stayed in a geo thermal cabin that was comfortable and roomy yet cozy and fun to stay in. The cabins were just four weeks old and we were some of the first people to stay there. Emma, Karina and her family stayed in the Lodge part of the park close to the restaurant. Emma was so friendly and fun that we had a blast being with her. Karina was delightful and although we didn't see Sergio, her new husband, he must be a saint for letting us have a weekend during which he had to baby sit their new baby and let us have Karina and Emma all to ourselves. Peyton and Emma really hit it off, more that ever. Rana, Peyton's new girlfriend was wonderful and spent most of her time taking photos of Emma and Peyton. All in all I couldn't have written a better scenario than what we had. Thank you Karina for being so kind and thoughtful to all of us and letting us have have some small part in Emma's life. I can't tell you how much she means to us all.

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