Monday, November 30, 2009

Rainy Day

It rained pretty much all day with the occasional break, no sun at all. The temperature was quite comfortable most of the day but late this afternoon the wind picked up and it got really cold. The wind chill factor was really fierce. The dogs huddled up against the front door and finally went around to their sleeping porch and took a long nap under their heat lamps. I kept a fire going all day in the fireplace and worked on art,food and another story I am writing.

Linda went into town this afternoon and met with some teacher friends to knit(she is teaching them how)and go out to eat with them. I had a pizza from the dough I made this morning and a salad with boiled shrimp I bought in town this morning. It was really pretty good. I have finally gotten the hang of making an acceptable pizza dough, more or less.

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