Sunday, December 6, 2009

Some snow, still

The snow is still up in the trees, inaccessible but beautiful. I took a photograph that I will use for the few Christmas cards we will send out. It is the same photo I have taken year after year, from almost the same spot. The people who receive the card will think it is the very same photograph on the card I have sent for many years but the really observant will see that the surrounding trees get, almost imperceptibly larger every year. Sending cards has been a holiday tradition I have always held dear and have almost never missed a year. It seems, however that fewer and fewer people send them, I guess because of email. It's seems shame but I guess that's the way things go. I have discovered that if you want a Christmas card, you have to one first, to most people. That's OK with me!

This morning I am meeting Linda, Peyton and Rana over at John Campbell Folk School for the Winter Fireside Sale. Last year I went and it was quite nice for something different and fun this time of year. Not crowded!

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