Monday, December 21, 2009

The weekend

On Saturday morning Linda and I got up very early and drove to Birmingham for Brayden's birthday party. It was such fun and the two little boys were adorable. The party was held at a nearby park and was a "candy party", it was so fun for the kids and we had fun as well. Afterwards we went to their house and had a wonderful time visiting and playing with the boys.

Sunday morning we got a pretty early start and headed back to Big Creek. I-20 was backed up for miles and miles because of a wreck that had killed two people after their car had blown a tire and flipped over and over and ejected all the passengers. How horrible! We used the satellite and re-figured our trip home, exited off at the Powder Springs exit and wandered about in Cobb County till we finally came across Barrett Parkway. Eventually we found our way back home, picked the Mooser up at "Pet's Night Out" and came on back home to Big Creek. Dave had taken care of Jesse and J.D. here at home, as well as the chickens, cats and the fish.

Below are a few of the photos I took at the party. I hope you enjoy seeing them.


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