Friday, January 1, 2010


The day before yesterday I made Mozzarella cheese from a kit Susie and Gilbert gave me for Christmas. The cow's milk for the cheese, I bought at Walmart in Ellijay. It turned out delicious and was quite easy to make. We had it on a Focaccia last night and it melted and did everything it was supposed to do. This afternoon Linda, Dave, Lynn and I are going to drive over to a local dairy and purchase some raw cow's milk and try to make cheese from it. In the literature I have read so far the "raw" cow's milk has to be pasteurized before it is safe to make food use of it. The pasteurization process is pretty easy, or so it seems and I will definitely do that before I use it. Growing up in Alabama not too far from my grand-mother's home we had access to cows milk and I am quite certain I drank and ate from that unpasteurized milk frequently. The butter Grand-ma made from it in a churn, was on the table and in the ice box all the time. She also made a delectable egg custard pie that was amazing. Grand-ma died when Bric was a baby and she only got to see him once or twice. We lived in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia and she lived on a little hill in Midland City, Alabama. What would she think if she knew that I was making cheese?

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