Monday, January 18, 2010

The milk Miata

Last night at about 6:00 Dave and I drove over to Pole Coffee Road and met Susie and Gilbert to go to the dairy. I used the Nuvi to get us there even though I already knew how to go. I wanted to see if the Garmin knew these very obscure roads. It took us directly there with out a single catch. Obviously there is no longer any place to hide! Wow!

I bought two gallons of milk and plan to make Mozzarella today at some point.

This morning I drove over to meet Peyton and Rana at Walmart and then to go for lunch at Zaxby's. The Dill pickles were good but not great. The fried Mozzarella was excellent. Next time I'll get the cheese. Dave called and said that he had seen an add for dill pickles at Capt. D's. so I will try them there

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