Sunday, January 31, 2010

Twenty degrees here this morning

This A.M. it was 20 degrees when I got up at 6:20. The cars are frosted all up and it looks just like winter looks up here, cold and everything frosty. We watched a foreign movie last night called,"A woman in Berlin". A true story from the end of world war two, about a woman trying to stay alive at the end of the war when the Russians occupied Berlin. A terrible and true story. The woman was ostracized by the Germans for writing the book when it was first published (for calling into question the virtue of German women). It got so bad she would not let the book be republished until after her death and even then she wouldn't let her real name be used. It was such a condemnation of war. Especially sad for the more innocent people who became victims(women and children)through no wrong doing of their own.

I need to watch something by Disney tonight.

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