Saturday, February 27, 2010

Harvest On Main, *****

Dave, Lynn and I drove over to Blue Ridge and met Linda last night. She was on her way back from from Hayesville after a meeting. The four of us had dinner at "Harvest On Main", a newly opened restaurant. Dave knew the chef from down in Florida and said he was great, he was. We were seated immediately at our appointment time, 6:00, no waiting. It was an excellent meal, the best I have ever had in Blue Ridge and maybe even in North Georgia, above Atlanta. The ambiance and the wait staff could not have been better. I had the Rainbow Trout stuffed with shrimp and it was totally delicious, light and a perfect presentation. The Caesar salad was amazing, succulent, crisp, tangy and perfect. I love to make that particular tricky salad and it is the one thing I am rabid for. The wine to accompany dinner was excellent and perfect with the fish. Dessert for me,which I almost never order was a chocolate Mousse surrounded with a vanilla creme anglaise, small but utterly delicious. Danny, the chef and owner came to the table after our meal and was charming and interesting. He seemed delighted to see Dave and Lynn. Cool!

Harvest On Main was a delightful dining experience and unmarred by anything that was not just right.

This afternoon A census worker came by and gave us our forms for filling out, for the counting. Should be interesting.

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