Saturday, March 20, 2010


I drove into town and had The oil changed in the Honda, got a few things and came home to roto-till the garden. It looks so weird being tilled after seeing all the Chick Weed down there for most of the winter. I also finished stacking up the fire wood that Mr. Cantrell brought us week before last. Finally it is under the cover of the tin roof of the wood shed. We should have enough to start next fall in style and it should be very dry and ready to burn.

Around 4:30 Van B. came over and brought a shaker full of Martinis and the makings for many more. We sat down by the creek for a while till the cold drove us up near the house and the outdoor fireplace. We had a nice visit and sat in front of the fire till later when we finally came in and watched an episode of Mad Men.

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