Friday, March 12, 2010

Possibly more rain today

This morning it is still very cloudy and the imminent threat of rain is apparent.

Lauren and Zack are leaving for Canton today. It has been so much fun to have her for this past week. We drove over to Blue Ridge yesterday afternoon for dinner and ate at "Blue Jeans". We had a nice meal. We had fried Mozzarella for appetizer which was excellent. They had a pizza while Linda and I split a large Calzone, spinach and cheese which was quite good. It is, I might add quite pleasant to be finally able to have beer with dinner in Blue Ridge. Thank you.

Afterwards Lauren, Zack and I returned home and Linda went to her Quilt guild. As I put the leftover pizza up I noticed a Styrofoam box on the counter that I did not recognize. Opening it, I realized that there was a huge beautiful piece of red velvet cake inside. At first I could not for the life of me figure how we had gotten home with a piece of cake when all we had for dinner was calzone and pizza. Then it dawned on me. Dave and Lynn had gone over to the Bass Pro Shop yesterday and had dinner at the "Marietta Diner". It had to be the two of them who brought the Red Velvet cake back and put it inside on the counter. I called them and they had brought it by while we were In Blue Ridge. What a great surprise it was! The cake was delicious and we ate it all up except for a small piece we saved for Linda. I have never seen a more impressive piece of cake! Yum,! We had a pleasant evening, watched Project Runway and retired early.

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