Monday, March 29, 2010

A trip to the Sandy Mush Herb Farm/ The best selection of herbs I have ever seen.

Sandy Mush Herb Farm is located in Sandy Mush, North Carolina near the city of Leicester. Way out in the mountains, way out. I thought we lived in the middle of nowhere but we don't. She truly does live in the center of nowhere.

The drive up the mountain to the farm was daunting, 45 degrees or more straight up and the road was really rough, huge rocks everywhere. The sides of the trail were abutted with old logs that kept you from running off and down the mountain side. A large branch filled with water rushed down the mountain right next to the road we drove up on. THere were numerous waterfalls as it raced down the mountain. It was really something! Kate met us when we got up to the green house and made us feel right at home. She was delightful. We all had fun and bought a lot of plants.

I would love to go back again sometimes but doubt I will ever have the chance and will have to mail order from her in the future. Wow! What an amazing experience we had! What a delightful experience!

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