Tuesday, May 11, 2010


What a great time we had in Tampa. The Moon's were so sweet to us and treated us grandly. Lauren toured us around her school, Tampa in general and showed us a wonderful time. She is honestly the sweetest thing! Did I mention, adorable too!

There was one thing, however..............!

Walking toward the very large building where the Tampa University graduation would be held I was following Harry, Ann Marie and Linda through a huge crowd of relatives, friends and professors of the students getting ready to graduate. A rather tall girl with extraordinarily high heels on and another shorter girl, both carrying their black robes and mortar board hats almost ran into me when the line I was following abruptly stopped. The taller girl, with a sneer on her face looked at me and said through clenched teeth, "Come on old people!" I couldn't even respond! Could she possibly be talking to me? Surely not, yet she was certainly looking at me. I hadn't at this point in my life entertained the thought that some one might think of me as an "old Person". If I had had my wits about me I would have turned and called her a thoughtless, rude F'n bitch. Which she certainly was! Does she not know that in a few short years she too will be of a similar age and has she thought how it might feel to have someone call you old? Just because the line you were in suddenly stopped and you delayed her by one tenth of a second in getting into her place in the very long line of graduates, should she respond by calling a perfect stranger, "old"? I think not, at least not loud enough for them to hear you. It actually ruined my day.

A message for this thoughtless large girl(I would say woman but clearly she is no woman). Obviously she has the large breasts, the high heels, the eye make-up and the haughty attitude but still, I fear she is a mental midget, even though she now has a four year degree from Tampa University. Had I been black would she have said, "Come on black people" I think not. If I been gay, would she have said, "Come on gay people." Had I been on a walker or in a wheel chair, would she have said, "Come on cripple people?" I fear she would have said exactly that, in all those circumstances.

She was just an impatient, thoughtless child with big girl shoes on. She and her small little mind will never fill those shoes, in any way. Her life will be one of mediocrity because she can only see the present and is blind of what waits just around the corner for her. She has no sympathy and I can only hope that she is herself treated the way she treats others.

.................The bitch!

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