Monday, July 12, 2010

Rain today, Dollar store last night!

The rain woke me up last night quietly falling on the tin roof. When I awoke this morning the rain had actually happened and was not a dream, as it was a few nights ago. It always makes me feel better when it rains as I know the garden is constantly thirsty in July.

Last night Peyton and I drove down to the junction of Hwy 52 and the beginning of Big Creek Road and went to the Dollar Store that has recently opened there. We put the top down on the Miata and zipped along in the twilight up and down the many hills that exist in the road and talked of many things. The air was cool and delightful. On the way Peyton and I saw a total of six deer crossing the road at different places. Driving slow enough not to hit one of them was a challenge but I managed. I figured the animals would wind up in the car with us if I actually hit one of them. I hate the Dollar Store opened where it did but there was nothing we could about it. The store is actually not bad, clean and fresh, still not completely stocked. We went there for ice so that I could have a gin and tonic last night before bed but they had no ice, as of yet. Susie D. and Linda C. had come for dinner Saturday night and we had depleted all the ice in the refrigerator. It was such fun having them and cooking dinner for the two of them, Linda D. and Peyton. Linda C. was here for a Mah Jong game down on Black Ankle Road Saturday and Susie D. was headed up to John Campbell Folk School to teach a class starting this morning.

Yesterday the Bankes came down and played in the creek. These are a few of the photos I took of them.

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