Sunday, August 29, 2010

Uses for a very old aluminium basin

.....a pan to collect Filberts in.

.....For bathing Brownie in

.....For a cat nap

.....For shelling beans

.....For harvesting popcorn

Yesterday Linda and I drove down to Slocomb, Alabama for the day, an almost six hour drive, twelve round trip. The estate of a much loved aunt and uncle is going up for sale on Tuesday after Labor Day. Since we are unable to go that day I called and asked Patti, (my cousin who is managing the sale) if we could come down early and take a look. She said, "Yes!" We saw a number of things we thought would work great in Bric's and Janett's house in Hoover and a couple of things for us. Now all we have to do is figure some way to drive down, rent a Uhaul and get the things back to his home in Hoover and ours at Big Creek. I hope it will be later this week, before the actual sale happens.

While we were there Patti gave me one of Annice's aluminium pans that she used to shell butter beans in. I took it and really love the chi it has,the shape and the design. What a cool container. I would love to know more about it,where it came from and what year it was cool! See attached photo.

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