Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This morning

This morning as Linda was getting ready to leave for school she paused in front of her car and was intently looking at the upstairs windows. We have recently been assaulted by tens of thousands of resurgent beetles that spend each fall getting into our house and clinging to the ceilings by the thousands. Aggravating to say the least and that's what I thought she was seeing. I asked her what was so interesting and she said,"What it that up there in the window?" I looked up and saw what appeared to be one half of a skull at the bottom of the window. I said,"I have no idea, why". She said,"It just moved!' I said, "No it didn't, its just something you left propped against the bottom of the window." I deftly added, "You're imagining things, its too close to Halloween and you're seeing things that aren't there." I looked back up and laughed disdainfully. It moved, the half skull moved! I was just about to freak out when the half skull moved again and it turned it's head. I was speechless when suddenly then I realized it was Moose, who had snuck into the house, run upstairs and was intently watching us in the driveway as we got Linda ready to leave. One side of his face is almost totally black and was indistinguishable as a dog face, it was just invisible and looked for all the world like one half of a human skull peering down at us, slightly moving. We both got a good laugh out of Moose scaring us so early in the morning. That's my Halloween story for the day.

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