Friday, October 29, 2010

Today at CVS

This morning I drove into town to meet Peyton for breakfast. A beautiful perfect October fall day, colorful fall leaves, cool temperatures and me with nothing much to do except to fill in a morning doing whatever I liked. Peyton and I met at IHOP for a bite. After we ate I ran by CVS to pick up my cholesterol meds. There was a rather large woman in the car in front of me at the drive through, picking up her prescription. As the pharmacist handed her two small white bags through the window she grasped only one while the other one fell to the ground beneath her car. As I mentioned earlier she was a large woman. She tried to open the door to retrieve the medicine but was too close to the wall of the drive through and the door would only open a fraction. At first I thought she had pinned herself between the car and the brick wall as it took quite a while for her to get back into the driver's seat. I started to get out and offer my help but I was afraid I might scare her. Also from past experiences when I have tried to offer my assistance in situations like this one, I invariably get slapped or run over by the car, sometimes even the police have to be called. So I stayed in my car. She pulled up three or four feet, again she could get herself only partly out. There was not enough room for her to bend down. She again pulled a little more forward, at which point she ran over the pill bottle in the white sack. The pill bottle exploded along with the sack. Tiny white pills went everywhere across the asphalt. The lady got out with great effort and proceeded to pick up the many many pills. She bent down from the waist and mooned everyone in the cars waiting behind her. I had a ring side seat. When she gathered several of the pills together she would straighten up (with some effort) and take them back to the window, depositing them carefully on the tray which was extended out from the window.  The pharmacist had a very pained look on her face, so did the people in the cars behind me. After what seemed like an eternity the pharmacist came out and said, "I am so sorry sir, you will have to park your car and come into the store as I have to pick up all these pills before we can continue." I told her that if she would tell the woman in the car behind me to back  up some I would gladly park and come in. That is exactly what I did. When I finished inside the store I noticed that the woman and the pharmacist were both still in the drive through picking up pills but at this point the heavy woman was on her knees. I hope the rest of ther day was better than it had been up to that point. Some how I doubt it was!

This is true. I can't make up stuff like this!

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