Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Dream?

Sometimes when I dream the meanings are obvious, ……….sometimes not.

There I was standing in the middle of a large group of singers (most of them very attractive women) elaborately dressed in highly unusual costumes, sequins, tassels, lots of makeup etc. My clothing was plastic, stiff and brightly colored with wide collars and stripped pants. The group standing around me was on what appeared to be a revolving stage, carousel like. The music was from a calliope and very loud. The chorus and I danced, sang, jumped and gesticulated in unison. We sang the following song.

“In school I met a girl whose name was Nina and everybody said she came from Louisiana. She sang like a bird and played the piano. Art was her major and French was her minor. I really loved that girl but she up and moved to China.”

Nina was pronounced like the number nine with an ‘uh’ on the end. Louisiana was pronounced distinctly with five syllables. At the end of the words Nina, Louisiana, piano, minor and China the entire choral group and I stamped our foot twice, quite loud and it rocked the moving stage. This pattern continued and repeated until I was exhausted and sweating in my sleep. I woke up, startled for some reason, got up and wrote the song down before I forgot it. There were many strange words and misspellings when I looked at it the next morning. All day yesterday the song ran through my head and would not stop. The dream almost started up again last night but I made myself get up and wake up so I wouldn’t have to do all that dancing and singing again, being so tired from the previous night. Besides I thought I smelled smoke.

What can this mean?

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