Thursday, March 17, 2011


Brody Thomas Daughtry

Last night Linda and I were watching "The Social Network" when the phone rang. It was Bric and he informed us that the baby was in the process of being born. they needed me to drive over and keep the boys while the newest arrival was coming into the world. He came! He weighed 9 pounds and 3 ounces. He is a beautiful healthy chubby baby. Beautiful! I got to Hoover at 12:45 and was here for the boys this morning. I had such fun keeping them today. They have such unique personalities. Bric stayed at the hospital with Janette and Brody while I entertained the boys. Linda will come over this weekend and I will be at Big Creek. Our family is growing in size and nothing could be better.

This afternoon when Brayden and Bricen left the hospital with me we went by Chick Filet and had lunch. They had a big time playing in the little play area there at Chick Filet and weren't ready to leave when we did. After we returned home I took them out into the front yard and let them ride their bikes in the driveway with the little neighbor boy. They did great but managed to run into each other an unreasonable number of times. They would T-bone each other and hit the pavement pretty hard but recovered fairly quickly. Luckily they did have on their riding helmets, all three of them. They are such tough little boys for being so young.

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