Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fishing with Dave

Yesterday morning at 7:00 Dave came down to the house and we left for the Coosa River expecting a day of catching white bass and eating venison meatloaf sandwiches, maybe a beer or two. It worked in part. We ate our sandwiches, no beer, no fish! The fish were just not there, not white bass, bream, cat fish or even tiny minnows. Dave had said earlier that the Bass were running and you could haul them in wholesale. I personally believe the white bass had been washed down to the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico, depending on just where the river spills out. It was running at about 40 miles an hour and was very muddy. Debris and tree limbs, indeed even whole logs raced past us as we stood on the pier foolishly casting our plastic lures out into the speeding water. I expected at any moment to see a body, a house or maybe a milk cow go speeding past. They informed us later that no one had caught a fish in three days.

The drive over was pleasant and the landscape different enough to be interesting. I did not take my camera but wish that I had. I could have taken a photo of Dave after I pushed him into the river....which did cross my mind but I decided it would be too hard explaining to Lynn why I came back without him ,so I didn't.

On the way back we had a flat tire and had to deal with that. It never went quite flat so we stopped at a Quick Mart and bought a can of compressed air and sealant, which worked well enough to get us back to Big Creek. The only experience I have ever had with that stuff was in Jonesboro one afternoon when I was running late for a class and squirted the compressed sealant into the tire at a service station. The sealant went every where except into the tire, all over me, the rim of the tire, up onto the side of the car and all over the ground. What a mess! I let Dave air up the tire while I hid behind the gas pump. He managed to get the treacherous can to work as advertised which was more than I could ever do. I haven't checked this morning to see if it is still holding air.

I will drive back over in the near future and will insist that Dave come with me, just in case I have a flat tire. I will take the camera.

My latest book effort "Time in Greece"is the link below.


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