Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hot, hot, hot!

Good grief what's up with this weather? It is to hot too get outside and do anything in the garden, even to walk around. This year, at long last I put in a little timer that waters the garden and the bonsai area so that I do not have to do it every day. What a difference it makes in my life. Wow! All you need is a faucet with running water. It is so easy to set and operate; I can't believe it.

A month or so ago Linda and I went down to exit 20 on 575 and bought a blueray played that has an ap that allows you to go on line and watch Netflix movies by streaming them. While I am not getting any fees from Netflix, I must say that this is fantastic. During the heat of the day I can come into the "somewhat" cooler house and watch from an endless assortment of movies, anything in their selection. The choices are amazing. Some times I just sit and scroll through the titles that are available and am fascinated by what's there and never get around to watching anything. Selections can be chosen from very old movies to current things, foreign, scifi, Horror, documentaries, TV series and many other things you just can't believe. If you like movies at all you should get into this. The player was less that 200 dollars and cheaper if you search on line and shop around. For years I collected dvd movies and now have a vast assortment to choose from, for 8 dollars a week. You can't beat this.


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