Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The first day

Bricen painting

 Art camp at Big Creek, Great fun!
Brayden, Bricen, Gracie, Connor, Jack, Josh, Linda and Sue
Around the "art" table.

Making art
Jesse at the art table too
Sue and Connor
Fun in the creek

The squirt guns

The second day

Brayden, Bricen and Jack
Paying attention
 Mrs. Sue teaching about making cookies

The third day
 The group
Diane and Addison

  Gracie and Josh

 Linda and the boys
 Van, the man with the perfect bowling form, I know this is true because he told me so!
 Jack the bowler
Addison and Peyton
 Linda, Sue and the kids
Bricen and the new bowling stance!
Bob and the grands
Brayden playing the games

Addison on the slide

Brayden, the man with a plan

Photos of the Banke girls



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