Thursday, February 14, 2013

 A Fox in the Night

Last night Linda and I drove over to Blairsville to have dinner with Peyton and Jay. Jay is the husband of Linda's Mah Jong playing buddy, Rita; she had to be in Atlanta and jay wanted to go to the movie with us. We went to see “The Impossible" and Peyton went home. He had worked from 6:30 AM to late afternoon and was too tired to see a movie. The movie was amazing. It was about the Thailand tsunami and its aftermath. It was a difficult movie to watch to say the least. I can understand why Naomi Watts won the golden globe for her performance is in it however; she was amazing!

On the way back home after the movie we were driving just past what was Van Zant's store when we saw a beautiful silver fox darting around in front of us in the headlights of the car. It is always a thrill to see any wild creatures but a fox is one of the more unusual ones we see. He darted around in the road for eight to ten seconds, startled by the lights before he disappeared in to the tall brown brush at the side of the road.

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