Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ah a weekend with the little boys from Birmingham. They were so cute we could not believe it. On Friday we went to  Chattanooga to the Tennessee Aquarium where we met them and really had a blast. The little boys loved it and were so attentive; they saw everything and didn't miss a thing.They are so very smart!

On Saturday we went kite flying at Mercier Orchards.

At the entrance they took our photo ans we bought it on our way out.



Bric, Janett, Brayden, Bricen and Brody T.

 Alligator Gar
Brayden and Brody

 Brody and the shark

Butterflies at the aquarium

Peyton and Brayden flying a kite

Janette and Brody

Brody and Janette

Janette and Brody


Brayden and Bricen having a blast.....what fun!

Bricen running

Peyton, Janette and Brody T.

Brody T.


Brody and bug

Brody and Peyton

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