Tuesday, March 12, 2013

 Eating  at Krystal's

          This morning I was working at the computer and the phone rang. It was Peyton and he said that he had driven over to Ellijay to his job at 12:30 and just as he came into the city limits his cell phone rang. It was his supervisor saying that he did not need to come into work today because they were having some kind of manager training/work day and he would not be needed. He wanted me to come in and meet him for lunch; which I did. We ate at Krystal's which we almost never do and it was really good. Krystal's is kind of like Taco Bell for me. I never want to eat there but when I do it has to be immediately, if not sooner. Instant gratification is not quick enough as far as Krystal is concerned. Today it was a craving for the Krystal chick sandwich. I absolutely love them,occasionally. You have to add mayonnaise and mustard but they are great afterwards. The fries are pretty good if you drown them in ketchup. Every thing else is just OK.

          When I was in my early twenties and an undergraduate at the University of Alabama I dated this girl who went to college at Sanford University in Birmingham. She was a very attractive red haired girl with enormous breasts whom I had greatly admired while I was in military school in Marion Alabama. She was from there. After our date I went by Krystal and ate ten Krystal burgers at one time (that was when I still ate beef). It was only afterwards I realized my mistake and regretted it very much. The girl and I had done a good bit to drinking and went dancing on the top floor of a popular hotel in the city. I got very sick on the way back to Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama. Never sure if it was the drinking, the dancing or the Krystal burgers that made me so sick; I stayed away from the burgers for many, many years, like twenty or thirty. Getting sick from over drinking cured me for months, if not years and I became a teetotaler for a very long time. Probably that is the reason I never became an alcoholic. I hated the aftermath of binge drinking (the throwing up, the headaches, the memory loss and the guilt) although I did plenty of it in college.

          Despite my inebriated state I drove back to the U.of A. and arrived just in time to get to my morning class. Thank goodness there was not much traffic that night on the highway between Birmingham and Tuscaloosa as I stopped often and evacuated the contents of my stomach in the middle of the road.


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