Monday, July 22, 2013

Dave and I drove over to one of the many wooded areas off of Aska road this afternoon and did some foraging in the forest there for the illusive chanterelle mushrooms. We found plenty of them. The woods seemed somewhat dry despite all the recent rains, partly because there was a thick carpet of last year’s white and red oak leaves covering the ground under rather tall deciduous trees. There was a scattering of houses and a number of angry dogs that chased the car on the dirt road on the way in to the site. The mushrooms were everywhere, beautiful things, golden colored, delicately scented and beautifully fluted. Some were pushing up through a covering of dirt and last year’s detritus. Many had twigs that had been caught up in the fleshy caps of the mushrooms and some had pine needles tangled in them. We picked two grocery bags full and came home. On the way back we saw two deer that ran across the road in front of us. All in all it was a pleasant afternoon. Dave just called and he and Lynn are cooking the mushrooms up as I type this. Kathy come down to join them for a butter fried mushroom dinner with wine. You can’t beat that!

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