Wednesday, January 20, 2016

                            Wednesday January 20, 2016

Today I am well aware that the winter months have finally gotten here. After only a few days of bone chilling weather so far earlier this fall we have had nothing to rival what we are experiencing today. It is bone shivery cold and the wind is brisk and continues to sweep up the valley like a polar express. The arctic weather I do not mind as long as the power is on, heaters are functioning well and can keep the house warm and toasty inside. We are blessed to have two very high functioning masonry fireplaces and as long as the firewood holds out we are fine. Not that our house is ever toasty but I really do not like it to be so cold inside that I can thing of nothing else. A few short hours ago I started to walk over to the mailbox to see whether or not the mail had come. When I got to the bridge that stretches across the creek I turned around and returned to the house with my teeth almost chattering. Linda will be headed back home from Blairsville in an hour or two and she can stop by the mailbox and pick up the small clutch of mail if there is any. My favorite thing to get in the mailbox are the beautiful multicolored catalogs from the many seed companies. They are so plentiful this time of year when I am at an extremely low ebb for beautiful growing colorful things.

The first night we ever spent in this location long ago (40 plus years) the temperature dropped to a frigid eighteen degrees outside and we almost froze to death. Luckily we had three dogs to cuddle up and contribute some warmth to the otherwise glacial temperatures inside the abode. Of course we survived despite the cold and loved it beyond all our wildest expectations. We were quite young and considerably hardier that we are now however. The weather forecast for today is predicting snow for this the twentieth of January and I do not doubt it for a minute. The national championship game for the number one spot for college football 2016 season was only on the eleventh and we really enjoyed it a lot. We were lucky that the satellite service was working and in good order for the entire game but up here one never knows for sure. After all we know that anything can happen, unannounced and unexpected weather, wind, snow, falling trees, floods and almost anything else. We always take it no matter what happens seeing as how we can in no way alter or adjust it in even any of the tiniest of ways. We always keep our fingers crossed anyway that's for sure! I love our satellite TV service and so far the service they provide is exemplary. I do so hope it continues as it has for the last 22 years since we moved up here full time.

Happy new year and a wonderful 2016!


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