Monday, December 22, 2008

18 degrees

Wow, eighteen degrees here this morning and the water fall is frozen along with every thing else, (Dave said it was 8 degrees at his house up on the hill). The dogs are in a large spaghetti like pile on the side porch under the two heat lamp on the side porch. You can't tell where one starts and the other one ends. The ponds are not frozen but the warm weather from the last few days are probably keeping it thawed, for now.

We're finishing up the Christmas wrapping today and final cleaning and that sort of thing. Getting ready for the Christmas guests. We can't wait!

Yesterday was Brayden's birthday!

In the last two days or so the ancient Hydrangea, that was a very old tree when we bought this place 33 or 34 years ago fell down and is prostrate over by the creek. It really is odd looking down there with out it after all these years. I will miss it terribly, not only for all the beautiful flowers and it's delicious fragrance it gave but the cover it afforded as shield from eyes across the creek.

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