Friday, December 26, 2008

The day after Christmas!

Wow, what a wonderful Christmas we had yesterday. It was so fun to have everyone out for the event. Bric, Janette, Brayden, Bricen, Peyton, Kim, Haley, Conner, Linda and me. Janette's parents, Jerry and Carol were here and we all had a fun time, at least I hope every one enjoyed it as much as I did.

This morning the Bankes came by for coffee and some sweet snacks. After lunch Bric and Peyton and I went down to the overlook to shooto skeet. I didn't shoot any but it was fun to see them enjoying themselves so much, being together. Bric hit a few, even. Afterwards we drove up to see Dave and Lynn and let him shoot Bric's new gun.

Tonight we met Kim and Peyton at Okinawa for dinner and had a really great meal. It was Kim's birthday and we took presents for her and for Conner. All in all it has been a quite fun day.

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