Sunday, January 25, 2009

Grand Torino

Linda and I drove over to meet Peyton and Kim to see Grand Torino at the movies in Dawsonville. It was pretty good even though the peripheral actors were not very talented. The story line was fairly believable but Eastwood played the character so hard and two dimensionally that I found it hard to swallow. I have loved many of his movies but this one was not one of my favorites. This was a typical Eastwood vehicle with him being the old, tough, crusty know it all character, with a heart of gold, if you ever find it and if you care.

After the show was over we went over to the outlet mall and walked around. Kim decided that she didn't want to go see the movie and instead spent the two hours over at the outlet mall instead. She shopped over there while we went to see the movie and we met up afterwards.

The Miata did great over to Dawsonville and back. It is so much fun to drive. It does bother me a lot that it does not have a spare tire. Much of the area where I drive does not have cell service and although I got a three year roadside service contract free, what do I do when I have a flat and can't get any help. I'm thinking it looks like a pretty long walk from where ever it should happen. Hummmmmmmmmmm!

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