Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Weekend!

It is cold here this morning, the temperature is 29 and it feels even colder. Rain is predicted for the middle of the week.

I drove in to Ellijay (can't get over how much fun it is to drive in the Miata on these curvey country roads)and met Peyton for breakfast Saturday morning at the new Ihop. He and Kim came out last night for dinner with us and we enjoyed having them. Linda got back from Atlanta, playing Mah Jong with Susie and Linda Cohen after Peyton and Kim were already here. Susie road back with Linda to Big Creek when they finished playing and Gilbert met them at Big Creek Rd. and Pole Coffee Rd.

Nothing much going on this past weekend. We went up last night and had a drink with Van and Diane after dinner when Peyton and Kim left. They were both fine.

Dave is all wrapped up in his new laptop computer and their new connection, "much faster" and he seems much happier with it.

Peyton called this morning and woke us up. We are usually long awake by 7:30 when he called but not this morning. He wants to get out and do something today, lunch, movie or a trip somewhere. I don't know if I am up for a road trip but will have wake up enough to see. I'm thinking at least three more cups of coffee.

I am prettty sure Moose is already down at Hobard's!

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