Friday, February 13, 2009

The Cow Leg!

Last night, just about dark the dogs were barking nonstop, so I went out to see what the problem was. We have had a pair of hounds and a Fox Terrier around roaming the neighborhood earlier in the week and I assumed my dogs were barking at them. Not the case, because I found Jesse hovering over a large piece of a cow's leg, or a horse's leg that still had lots of fresh meat hanging off of it and the hoof still attached. Moose and J.D. were circling around Jesse looking for an opening to grab a piece and run off. Jesse would not let me get close enough to get it to dispose of it, so...they fought over it on and off all night long. The barking was nonstop and prevented any decent sleep for me or Linda, much less the neighbors. This morning all three of the dogs were gone, probably up to Dave's and Lynn's, on their daily sojourn around the hood, so I got the cow leg and threw it into the creek. It will be washed away and devoured by fish, turtles, craw fish and assorted other creatures. The detritus will probably wind up in lake Blue Ridge. It's sort of re-cycling in the most extreme basic way.

I am very concerned about the cow leg because I know that Dave did not kill any deer this past season. So, the looming question is this; did Dave get desperate and shoot some one's cow from the window of his car in the night and drag it back to his lair and dis-member it up there in the edge of the woods? Or, did he and Lynn go down to Hobard's in the middle of the night and lure one of his Red Angus cows to their house, where they attacked it, killed it and butchered it there where the evidence could be easily disposed of! After the melee' they could have accidentally failed to bury all the left over pieces. That would explain how Jesse would have access to the leg of a cow. Hummmmm, or could it be that Jesse, Moose and J.D. went down to Hobard's just before dark, pulled a cow down, tore it asunder in the moonlight, and then brought pieces of it back home in the dark! Oh horrors, could my little lap dogs be capable of such a heinous act?

Perhaps I should not be writing this as I certainly cannot afford to pay for that much beef! It has gotten so expensive, I can hardley afford a hamburger steak.

By the way, Dave, this is a joke. I really don't think you and Lynn went up to Hobard's and killed a cow. After recent experiences on my facebook I feel that with each entry on this blogspot I should have a disclaimer that explains every thing I write here is only partial truth with many totally fabricated elements. No devious or malodorous intent in this story or any other of the statements and comments found here. Besides for the most part I don't give a hoot about where the cow(or Horse's) leg came from, neither do I give a crap when any body's birthday is! Just so you know!

Also I am not an English major and if you find misspellings in this document, or any thing else you don't like about it, please file them where the sun doesn't shine!

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