Thursday, February 12, 2009

The roto-tiller delivery

I am writing this in spite of the fact that I learned recently that everyone in the world is not envious of my Roto-tiller and may not actually give a shit about what happens concerning my adventures with it. I was shocked to learn this. I was just so sure that every one was hanging on my next typed sentence concerning my adventures in gardening, generally and with the roto-tiller, specifically. Dashed as I am I will try to continue. The tiller came back home today from the shop and while I was happy that it had returned is means a lot of additional work can no longer be put off. The man delivering it climbed up onto the truck bed and it cranked on the first try, perfectly. I was so excited! The man put it in forward gear instead of reverse and it lunged forward and slammed into the back of the truck carrier. After that, the tiller refused to crank again. The man seemed a little embarrassed but continued to pull aggressively on the cranking cord because by then the battery was very dead again. He seemed to get quite angry, not at me, thank goodness as I am a little tired of people getting pissed at me over things that I neither caused nor could possibly be held responsible for. I of course do not mean my wife because I am used to her doing that. But nobody else, by God!

The man slammed the back gate to the tiller carrier, got onto the truck and left in somewhat of a huff. He returned about three hours later and this time the tiller cranked perfectly(again). He carefully put it into reverse and backed it off the trailer and made a point of not turning it off again, just in case it refused to crank. It didn't, then or later. I actually roto-tilled almost half the garden and am so happy about that. It will be time to plant again soon and at least the soil will be ready to go. That is if the thing cranks on Friday.

For those of you who, in truth do have Tiller envy and can't even admit it to yourselves, I can only say what the hot dog at the Varsity said to the customer, ........Bite Me!

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