Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday, monday.....

Today Linda and I drove down to Atlanta after Her dentist appointment and went shopping at Ikea. It was fun to look at all the things they have for sale there even though much of it looks pretty cheap. We got a few things for Peyton's apartment and have no idea whether he will like them or not. After the shopping stint we met brother Ralph at the Flying Biscuit and had lunch. Eggs Benedict, yum!

I had an appointment with the oral surgeon at 1:30 and we barely made it. I called to tell the dentist that I might be a little late and would that be OK, they said, no. SO, we raced through traffic and made it there with seconds to spare. We still had to wait about fifteen minutes before he saw us. I guess that's the way it goes. I do like the surgeon and he seems quite confident and competent. I hope I am not disappointed because I will basically be responsible for another wing added onto his house because of what it costs to have an implant and I am having three. Fug!

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