Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday or not?

Today is the second day that I have let the chickens run freely in the garden. They seem very happy and explore every inch of that space including the compost piles. I guess they are finding worms and all sorts of bugs hidden in the many fertile places there in the garden. We took the grand boys down to see the chickens and they had fun feeding bread and assorted things to the six chickens. Bric caught one and let Brayden and Bricen hold and pet them. The chickens are very well mannered and are not frightened of any of us at all. They continue to scratch and move around confidently no matter how close we get to them. They have scratched up and changed the entire gropund there in the garden. It looks as though someone has come through with a roto-tiller and run it over the whole area, even in the walkway.

The cats move quietly through the garden and the chickens show them no attention at all. The dogs however, are another matter, they lunge at the birds and bang against the garden fence while the chickens do their best to ignore them. The chickens should be very grateful for the protection of the fence.

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